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What We’re About

The Sally Fitzgibbons Community is giving as many adults and children as it can the opportunity at a healthy future.  We are starting by addressing the two key areas that parents and kids seem to have the most challenges with in modern day life, Nutrition and Exercise.

With most people being time poor and balancing family, friends, kids, work, school, sport, homework, screen time and everything in-between, quick fixes in nutrition and play time have become the norm and not the exception.

My first project, which I am extremely proud of involved one of my great partners, Novotel Hotels Australia. Stage 1 of the project included an in-room workout to make it easy for busy travellers to get their dose of exercise (no equipment needed) and we also added some healthy meal options to the in-room dining menu.

Stage one was greeted so enthusiastically by customers that stage two was implemented recently by adding 2 new in-room activity videos for children and the Novotel have extended the healthy in-room menu to include children options.

For those of you who want to get started on a new healthy regime you can buy my book “Summer Fit – All Year Round” on the link below


My Community aims to help parents and connect directly with kids to inspire our future generations to make healthy choices through fun and engaging programs that they can directly relate to.

Make a difference right now

Make a difference right now