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It is Sally’s desire to inspire our next generation of kids to live active and healthy lives and to develop an awareness that it is our responsibility to protect and preserve the amazing environment we are blessed to live in.

The general change in pace of life today has led to people often feeling time poor. With so many instant gratification and quick preparation, nutrition poor, food products on market, the first thing to give is often the quality preparation of family meals at home. This combined with the incredible insurgence of digital screen consumption by children is already defining the future of millions of innocent children.

The current generation are at risk with one in four Aussie kids in Australia are already overweight, or obese. Obesity is now a bigger killer than smoking and the costs to the economy will surpass $87.7 billion by 2025.

“I can’t just sit by and watch the next generation lose out on following their dreams just because they were never taught or they have simply forgotten the basic benefits of healthy eating and being active. If, together, we can all make a difference to just one child, imagine how great their future will be.” -SALLY

This is a real problem, with real ramifications, which requires real action.

The positive news is the disease can be prevented and the environment can be cleaned, protected and preserved. Sally intends to align with groups, businesses and organisations that will provide fun, inclusive education and exercise programs connected with the environment.

“My goal is to give as many children as I can an opportunity at a healthy future while connecting them with the environment that surrounds them. The ocean is my office and when I’m in the ocean, I feel my most fearless and energised. It’s an unbelievable feeling being in the ocean and having a connection to something so magnificent and uncontrollable.” -SALLY

Make a difference right now

Make a difference right now